Clipper Blades and Servicing

Grooming Scissors and Shears

Hairdressing Scissors

Chef and Kitchen Knives

“I’ve been involved in the Pet Grooming Industry for over a decade, so I have a very clear understanding of your requirements and what it takes to keep your equipment sharp and reliable at all times. In addition to this, I actually listen to what my customers tell me.  This allows me to constantly improve and tailor my work to suit you – the person using the tools.”  

Scott Campbell, Owner, Un-Blunt Blade Sharpening

Call Scott on 0408 222 321 to book your service today!

Central Coast and Sydney Metropolitan Areas

We’re located on the Central Coast and service the entire Central Coast and Northern Sydney Metropolitan Areas. We also provide return postage to other areas with 24 hour turnaround.

Premium Quality Standards

We only use superior quality sharpening equipment and procedures ensuring you receive the highest standard of service and finishing.

Same Day Service

Please call Scott on 0400 222 321 by 10:00am for same day service. Our fast and efficient turnaround is 24 hours for all other services.